WAMD (com.whatsapp)

Important Note

Remember that the WAMD com.whatsapp package replaces the Playstore Whatsapp to use with primary number, then if you have WAMD installed you don’t need to do any steps prior to the installation, just download the apk, and allow the installation to unknown sources, and install directly.

For New User WAMD

For new Users who want to Install WAMD, follow the steps below carefully.

CASE 1 : IF THE DATA IS SAVED IN android/media/com.whatsapp/

1: Make a local backup
2: Rename folder android/media/com.whatsapp –> android/media/com.whatsapp2/
3: uninstall whatsapp without saving data.
4: install wamd
5: Give it all storage permissions
6: Rename the folder to the original name android/media/com.whatsapp2/ —> android/media/com.whatsapp/
7: Register your number and follow the process and it will recognize your local backup.
8: and ready.

CASE 2: If the data is in the WhatsApp root

1: Make a local backup
2: Rename WhatsApp folder to —> WhatsApp 2 for example
3: Uninstall Whatsapp if save data.
4: install Wamd
5: Give it all storage permissions.
6: Rename your Original WhatsApp2 to —-> WhatsApp.
7: then copy the WhatsApp Folder to the address android/media/com.whatsapp/ (in here).
8: Register your number and follow the process and normal will recognize the local backup.

WAMD is Safe?

Click here to verify the security of WAMD.

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